Jeden ze sposobów na naukę słówek w języku angielskim, to zapamiętywanie całych wyrażeń. Binomial expressions to zwroty składające się z dwóch słówek połączonych najczęściej “and” lub “or”. Co jest istotne to kolejność słówek jest ustalona i niezmienna. Często są używane w języku potocznym, więc warto je zapamiętać.

1. again and again – to emphasise that something happens many times (stale, wciąż, wiele razy)

I’ve told Fiona again and again that she should start looking for a new job.

2. all in all – to summarise when you look at every aspect of a situation (ogólnie rzecz biorąc, w sumie, ostatecznie, biorąc wszystko pod uwagę)

All in all, it was a great success.

3. back and forth – to move many times from one place to another and then back again (tam i z powrotem)

We travel back and forth all the time between Poland and England.

4. bit by bit – to describe when something happens in stages (po trochu, krok po kroku)

Bit by bit, she was able to improve her Spanish language skills.

5. bits and pieces (bits and bobs) – small individual things (rozmaitości, drobiazgi)

There are some bits and bobs in the drawer.

6. bright and early – early in the morning (bladym świtem, wcześnie rano, z samego rana (np. wyruszać)

John needs to leave bright and early tomorrow for an important meeting at work.

7. by and large – mostly, generally; with few exceptions (ogólnie rzecz biorąc, w sumie, w zasadzie)

By and large, this is a good solution.

8. chalk and cheese – used to refer to two people or things as being completely different from each other (całkowicie odmienny, krańcowo różny, jak niebo i ziemia, podobny jak dzień do nocy)

I’m not surprised that he split up with his last girlfriend. They were like chalk and cheese.

9. fair and square – to describe something that is achieved honestly and without unfair methods (uczciwie)

Our team won the match fair and square.

10. give or take – approximately; plus or minus some unknown amount. (plus minus, mniej więcej)

I’ve been working for this company for five years, give or take a few months.

11. heart to heart (heart-to-heart) – used to describe an open and honest private conversation between friends (szczery, od serca).

We had a heart-to-heart chat yesterday about family problems.

12. hustle and bustle – a large amount of activity and work, usually in a noisy surrounding. (zgiełk, harmider)

I can’t hear you because of this hustle and bustle.

13. (you) live and learn – to learn something new (possibly surprising) especially through your own experience (człowiek uczy się przez całe życie)

I should have arrived at the airport earlier because I missed my flight. Oh well, you live and learn! 

14. more or less – approximately, almost, to some degree (mniej więcej)

It’s 20 kilos, more or less.

15. (it’s) now or never – used to emphasise that if you don’t do something immediately, there will not be another opportunity in the future (teraz albo nigdy)

If you really like her, you should ask for her phone number before she leaves. It’s now or never!

16. on and off – intermittently (nieregularnie, od czasu do czasu, z przerwami)

They were together on and off for 3 years.

17. odds and ends – a variety of small things that are not valuable or important (drobiazgi, resztki, drobne pozostałości)

Every few months, Julie throws away all the odds and ends in her family home.

18. out and about – to go out and do different things (poza domem (o spędzaniu czasu); tu i tam)

I wish I could go out and about more often.

19. peace and quiet – used to describe a setting or period of time which is calm and without stress or distractions (święty spokój)

I need some peace and quiet to concentrate on my work.

20. pros and cons – the positive and negative attributes of arguments (za i przeciw; zalety i wady; blaski i cienie)

What are the pros and cons of online learning?

21. safe and sound – safe from danger and free from injury or harm (cały i zdrowy)

We are both safe and sound now.

22. wine and dine – to entertain someone to a fine meal (gościć kogoś, podejmować kogoś wystawnie)

The company wined and dined the prospective clients.

23. far and wide – over a great distance or large area; nearly everywhere (ze wszystkich stron)

People came from far and wide to see the performance.

24. loud and clear – in a clear and easily understandable manner (głośno i wyraźnie)

I can hear you loud and clear.

25. skin and bones – emaciated; very thin, as from lack of nutrition (skóra i kości, być bardzo chudym)

Dorothy is nothing but skin and bones. She should eat more.

26. take it or leave it – a situation has to be accepted without change, or rejected outright (Decydujesz się czy nie? Weź to lub zostaw to., Albo tak, albo nie.)

That’s the deal: take it or leave it.

27. sooner or later – eventually, at some undetermined time in the not-too-distant future (prędzej czy później)

Sooner or later, you will get your degree.

28. ups and downs – periods of positive and negative events, moods, or interactions; highs and lows (wzloty i upadki)

They have their ups and downs but they love each other very much.

29. little by little – a small amount at a time (stopniowo, po trochu)

I would have to learn, little by little, to exist alone

30. spick and span – clean, spotless; original sense “like new” ( czyściutki, wypucowany (dom, pokój)

I mopped up the kitchen floor so it was spick-and-span.

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